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Tech in Sense is a blog related to providing sensible tips and tricks for your Computers or mobiles using which you can customize your gadgets and make them a lot more fun. Not only this we will provide you with a lot of other options you can deal with in order to make use of the latest trends in the field of technology.Apart from this we will also provide you with the necessary tutorials which you can follow at our YouTube channel. _____________________________________________

About Author: Abhishek Ghosh

 Just a techno-freak.. Abhishek Ghosh is an Electronics  and a Network Engineer love trying new stuff.. I've  always loved to get certain things done, which doesn't  look possible.. research a lot.. Would love to share  some of the stuff and keep  everyone updated with it..  some of the very basic stuff  to some of the high level  stuff I've been doing them for  years and what I noticed  is most of the people I know  also deal with the same  problems so either they keep  digging or they don't    have enough time, but here they  would certainly get a  follow-up of their requirements  be it PC, be it  Android I would love to contributeAlso, guys you can send me your problems and I would certainly look forward to creating new posts.

Email- rodee005@gmail.com or techinsense@gmail.com                                         Twitter- Abhishek Ghosh Facebook- Abhishek Ghosh

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