How to start a Blog?

So many of you might have heard of a blog and you just don't know how to start one or make a successful blog.. So here is a quick guide and the basic stuff you need to know before you start  a blog/website of your own and like me earn yourself thousands of dollars if you love writing.

What is a Blog?

Well  in simple words.. Blog is your own notebook only its online... In other words its a website you own and have complete control of. If you're  passionate about anything like technology/Cooking/Teaching/Travel etc and want to share your knowledge/experience with others in order to help/entertain/educate them all you need to do is use a Blog.

How to get Started?

Well  there are several free services which you can use in order to get started.. There are many popular websites available but I'm going to suggest you the two most popular platforms which is Blogger or Wordpress. All you have to do is choose either one of them and pick a name for your blog and start writing. Let's say we pick Blogger.. It will first ask you to sign in from your google account and then you pick a name for your website  choose a template of your liking  and get started.

Registering your Blog/Domain Name

Okay So Once you've got started the next thing you need to do is to register your blog i.e originally your blog's address will be for example .. Once you purchase a domain name it would be your own website i.e. . So all you need to do is go to Godaddy and purchase a domain name for your blog.. PS- You can keep using if you like it wont make a difference unless you want your website to be registered and want to earn from your contents.

How to earn from your Blog?

Now Once You have successfully created a Blog and have 8-10 decent posts with about 500  words of original content.. You can apply for Google Adsense.. All you need to do is go to Adsense  and sign up your blog.. Adsense would take a few days to get back to you and mail you when the process is done. After that all you need to do is set up Adsense on your Blog and you blog will start displaying ads for which you would be paid by Google itself.. The cut off amount is $100 before you can get your money.

How to get visitors for your blog?

Well there are several ways.. like Social Media.. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. By sharing interesting contents with friends and family you can get your blog going.. Another way is the Search Engine Optimization or SEO.. where you would need backlinks which you can get either for free or paid ones which i will share with you guys in the upcoming posts.

How to earn more from your Blog apart from Adsense?

Apart from Adsense there is another way of earning from your blog is through Affiliate Marketing.All you need to do is go to Amazon and become an Affiliate. Affiliate Marketing is basically selling products for Amazon on your website i.e. promoting their product on your website and you would be paid a percentage amount according to the type of product from Amazon.  Again detailed information on this will follow in my upcoming posts.

This is the basics you need to know about how to create a new blog and start earning money online.

I will post each section in detail  and other tips and tricks including a video tutorial in my upcoming articles.. Stay tuned.

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