How to drive traffic to your Blog?

So  Now that we know how to create and Build a new blog the next thing we need to learn is how to drive traffic to your blog?

What is a product without buyers? Same way what is a blog without readers.. Nothing!! If you dont get readers your blog wont succeed.. To popularise your blog you need to get your readers interested...No matter how solid articles you post readers would always have a choice with a millions of other blogs available. So the question is how can you drive traffic to your blog. I will show you a few steps using which you can drive HUGE amount of traffic to your blog.

#1 Quality Posts

The quality of the posts is the most important factor.. Know that the topic which you're posting there are a million articles on the same already.. So make it different.. Make it catchy and make it clean.

#2 SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the second important factor.. Your blog posts should be SEO Optimized with relevant keywords so that it can pop up in the search engines and the Google Rankings.. Through which the global audience can find your posts easy.. I will share a detailed article for SEO Optimization in the upcoming articles.

#3 Twitter

As you already know Twitter is by far the most popular Social Network to promote your business globally.. But for that you need to have a good amount of followers.. You can gain followers easily using various tricks on twitter and share your posts there and get it retweeted.. and that would boost the reach of your posts.

#4 Facebook

Another popular platform where you would be able to share your posts is Facebook.. Get your posts to trend in various top pages by talking to your friends and family.. Once your post is has a decent reach share it again after a few days.. that would not only boost up that specific post but also would drive traffic to your blog.

#5 Commenting on Other Blogs

This is another very effective strategy as it not only boosts your blog traffic but also helps you get backlinks for your blog.. By commenting on other blog posts and posting your blog address you can get a free backlink.. Ofcourse comment should be relevant or the author may reject the comment.

#6 Buy an Audience

Wont recommend this for the starters as you would end up investing way too much money but if you want you can buy an audience from an SEO company who would drive traffic to your blog for some amount of money.. Not a bad strategy and can boost up your blog in a flash.

These are some of the strategies to get traffic to your blog.. For beginners its obviously not easy and would take time to build your blog to a certain level but once you work on the initial part you would end up a happy Blogger.

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