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Now that you know what is a blog and how you can start it.. Let me show you the detailed approach you would need in order to create a niche website of your own.

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Step 1:

You need to choose your platform.. For instance I'm going to show you a blog using Blogger platform. Go to Blogger .. Click on Create Your Blog.. and then you will have to sign in using your Gmail account.. Once you Sign In.. You will get a new pop up which will ask you the name of the blog followed by the address.. Whatever address you choose.. it will add until you purchase a domain which i will discuss later. So lets say you want to create a blog on travel and you name it travelworld.. the address will be Select the  template you want to and click on Create Blog

Step 2:

It would suggest you to add a custom domain to your blog which you can either skip or  continue with it.Lets say you skip it for the moment and you will be redirected to your Blogger Dashboard. On the left you will see a few options such as Posts, Stats, Comments,Earnings,Campaigns, Pages, Layout, Theme, Settings etc. In the Post part you have add a new post, just click on New Post and select a title and start writing. Oonce you're done you need to add some of the labels related to your post and Publish.. Your first post is done.. To view your blog you need to go to the address and you would be able to see your post.

Step 3:

Now for any niche or a professional website, you need to add a few marquee pages.. Go to the Pages tab on the left to add a page.. Its the same as a new post only it will show up on your blog as a page and not a post.. The pages you need to add are About Author, Terms and Conditions,  Privacy Policy and Contact Page.. Even for getting and approval from Google Adsense and start earning you need to have these pages on your blog before you can apply.

Step 4:

Now for each Blog Post you need to add certain keywords for them to appear on the search sites.. the keywords are different from labels.. Certain unique keywords will make your post complete without which your post would be pointless as it wont get any traffic from third party sources.

Step 5:

Now you need to know the importance of registering a domain.. You would need complete control of your website for which you would need to purchase a domain.. The best domain you can get ofcourse is .com domain.. This is because it would end up filtering your blog globally instead of say .in, .ca, or . au for country based domains. Go to any domain host say Godaddy and purchase a new domain and add it to your blog. (How to add a custom domain to my blog? ----> coming soon)

This is the detailed stuff in creating a brand new website using Blogger Platform.. Video tutorial to follow soon.

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