List of Popular Browser Hijackers?

Browser Hijacker is one of the most common unwanted Programs which basically just hijacks your internet Browsers and can access all your data meanwhile through their own servers.. which basically messes up your computer.. Your Browser History, cache, Cookies, Key Logger passwords, Bank Details, even your Emails are no longer safe as long as the hijacker is still there. To know in detail about browser Hijackers you can refer to this article.. What is Browser Hijacker?

Now Here is a list of some of the very common or Popular Browser Hijackers that you should be aware of in order to recognise that your browser is infected or not.

Ask Toolbar (Most Common)

The Most common malware program as it is bundled with Java and Oracle Installer packages.

Babylon Toolbar

Changes homepage and Search page and usually comes bundled along with other software.

Binkiland Search

Changes homepage and Search Engine.. Creates advertisements, pop ups.

Conduit Search Protect

One of the most dangerous hijackers as it steals your personal data and transfers it to a secondary server. Trovi is also a part of Conduit.

Cool Web Search

One of the very first browser hijackers and it is not so cool, modifies homepage and Search Engine.

Coupon Server
A common adware program as it is bundled with numerous software's. It has a reputation of making the user believe it to be useful but is actually a browser hijacker and malicious.

Delta Search
Again modifies homepage to generate revenue for itself ofcourse.

Claro Search
Similar to Delta Search.. Modifies homepage to generate revenue for itself ofcourse.

Go Save
This is the type of hijacker who basically likes to keep itself hidden.. Its adds plugins or add ons to your Web Browsers and are difficult to detect.

It replaces the preferred Search tools
This is an indian ISP basically Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited but it sold its copyrights to a third party domain and they pop up Advertisements, fake Email registrations and extensions. It can close your current webpage and redirect you to and force you to click ads.
This offers  a free media player but it is linked to the dangerous Conduit Search Engine and Trovi so watch out.It changes the Internet Explorer's icon to a magnifying Glass.

MyStartSearch or MyStart.IncrediBar Search

Another Very Dangerous Browser Hijacker.. It is again bundled to some of the very common softwares and in return it attaches itself to all the browsers.. This can probably make your CPU drain out, crash your System, and make it so worse that you would have no other option than to re-install your operating System, so Beware. Removing this can be very difficult as it attaches itself to some of the most important processes in the Windows registry and in numerous forms.. If the registry is altered the system crashes.

Changes Homepage and the default Search Engine.

Another popular Browser Hijacker, Infects Computer, installs add ons, extensions and toolbars along with changing the homepage and Search Engine.
Powerful Browser hijacker which again changes homepage and Search Engine and also prevents certain programs from running.


Runs as a program and extension so it is again difficult to detect. It jeopardises the security of web pages.

Alters Computer Performance.


Changes the Homepage and Search Engine and if not removed it keeps on doing that repeatedly. Looks Legitimate but is an actual Browser Hijacker.
It redirects users to some of the unwanted websites.
Downloads Malware in your Computer. And is considered one of the dangerous Browser Hijackers.

Part of
Misleading Program which serves as an add on but is an hijacker.

Browser Hijacker and Spyware.Tracks the Users information and hence is categorised as one of the most dangerous Browser Hijackers. Keeps reinstalling itself no matter how many time the user removes it from their browsers.

SourceForge Installer

Changes the Browser Settings of your Browser


It is another hijacker difficult to detect and is a potentially dangerous program which can infect the computer.


contains Trojan Virus.


Connected to Conduit and potentially dangerous.


Modifies the homepage and Search Engine.

TV Wizard
Another Potentially dangerous Hijacker as it not only takes control of your Web Browsers but can also mess up the security therefore it can access the information stored in the Computer to a secondary server.


Changes the Homepage and Search Engine and contains a virus.

How to fix/remove Browser Hijacker?

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