How to Secure yourself from The Ransomware Virus Attack WannaCry?

So Like we all know the Popular Ransomware Virus known as the WannaCry Virus is cauing a lot of problems lately.

It has caused an Global Mayhem and the Windows has recently provided a step on how to stop the Virus Attack from attacking your PC

What You need to do is follow these Simple Steps and it would secure your PC from the current outbreak as well as any in the future.

Steps to Secure your PC:

1- Search for Windows Features in the Search Box.
2-In the Windows Features Tab Uncheck the SMB Box.
3-Restart Your PC.
4-Get an Anti-Ransomware Software like MalwareBytes 3 or BitDefender.
5-Your PC is secure.

If you cannot find SMB box in the Windows Features you have to use Powershell.

1-Search for Powershell
2-It is somewhat like CommandPrompt
3-Type the following and press Enter

"Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature-Online-FeatureName Smb1protocol"

4-Restart PC.
5-4-Get an Anti-Ransomware Software like MalwareBytes 3 or BitDefender.
6-Your PC is Secure.


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