Browser Hijackers and how it can mess up your Computer?

Browser Hijackers are something that we all are familiar with and it can screw up your Computer big time.. The problem is when you would want to fix the problem you would only see yourself getting your troubles doubled up... They can be so frustrating that people may be forced to reinstall their Windows... I've done it several times.. But yes there is a fix which we would talk about in my next post.. So let's understand what is a browser hijacker?

What is a Browser Hijacker?

Browser Hijackers are basically unwanted Program or a malicious adware Program or in simple terms you can call it a Virus.. The reason why it is called a Browser Hijacker and not a typical Virus is because it only effects your Web Browsers that it it modifies the settings of your Web Browsers Like change its homepage, change your default Search Engine and pop up a lot of ads.. Within minutes it would just leave you irritated and even Uninstalling/Reinstalling the Web Browsers wont fix this issue(If you opt for a quick solution that is the easiest way that comes to mind)... Well this is just the part that you can recognise as being infected but their are several other background processes affected by it as well which should concern you even more like the Browser History, Cache, Cookies, Auto Fill details, Key Logging which can even get to your Bank Details if you do use the Internet Banking. (What is Cache and Cookies? --- Coming Soon) and yes Emails included also it would modify your registry which is why they aren't easy to wipe out completely.

How did Your Browser got infected?

Well usually whenever you download any Game/Software using a non trusted Website or Let's say if you download a Cracked Software for any website chances are very high your browser would get infected.. Although your browser do provide you with the Certificates and warn you from potentially malicious websites there are numerous websites which just pass through the filter. Some of the most popular Browser Hijackers you may have came across could be Conduit Search Protect, MyStartSearch, OneWebSearch (Ring any Bells?).  List of Most Popular Browser Hijackers?

How to Stop/Remove Browser Hijackers?

An anti virus if you have got one the Genuine One ofcourse can help you Stop Browser Hijackers.. Apart from that(Who uses Anti Virus anyways) There are several Free Programs like Advance System Care that can help you with that.. I will Show you how you can completely remove any Browser Hijacker in my Next article.

How to Know if your Browser is infected?

Well it is very much possible that your browser is infected by a Browser Hijacker and you have no idea about it... Due to the Browsers being more user friendly now the hijackers are also more user friendly (in a negative way ofcourse).. They can hide themselves really well and get the required information out of your Computers.. Few of the Stuff that can help you detect the hijackers are-

  • Different Homepage (Unknown)
  • Default Search Engine is changed automatically
  • New Toolbars pop up
  • Browser getting very slow and laggy
  • Unknown Bookmarks appear
  • Your Search Keywords are automatically filled into something unknown
  • Unwanted ads pop up
  • New webpages open up in new tabs automatically.

If you're facing any of these above issue your browser has been hijacked.. How to remove a Browser Hijacker completely?

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