How to recover deleted files from Pen drive/Hard drive/Laptop/PC?

So here is a tutorial on how you can recover your deleted files..

Now you obviously know that you can recover your files that you accidentally delete from the Recycle Bin in your desktop, right?

That's the obvious choice for recovering your file.. to just go to the recycle bin and select your file and restore it and it would be back to the location it was deleted from.

Now the question is can you recover files that are permanently deleted? that is the files that you've deleted using Shift+Delete or if you've clicked on empty recycle bin after deleting your file and you realize there was an important file in there that you accidentally deleted? Or you've deleted your important photos and you want them back? or you've a corrupted pen drive/micro sd card and you want to recover the data as they force you to format it?

Well the answer is yes.. you can indeed get your data back.. and your files back even after you permanently delete them..

Actually there is no such thing as permanent delete for a Computer.. it doesn't delete anything.. it just empties the space allocated to a certain file and when you write aver that space.. the file gets replaced.. or its basically rewrite or RW as we call it as a term.

Now the question is how? Well there are certain data recovery softwares available in the web which you can use to recover your data.. Some examples would be Remo Recover, Pandora Recovery, Recuva, Tokiwa data recovery, Recuva and many more.

All of them can be used to recover lost data from any drive or sd card.. Here I'm gonna guide you to a tutorial on how to recover your deleted files using the Remo Recover Software

I will provide you with the download link of a full version remo recover which you can download from HERE

[Note: You will need a VPN to open the above link to get a full version of the Remo recover Software.. Trail version softwares wont work so you would need a key associated with it to get your deleted files back.. To Learn on how to use VPN.. visit  here Virtual Proxy for visiting some of the sites which cannot be accessed]

To download VPN extension for chrome click here

Now  after you've successfully downloaded the remo recover which would take approximately 6-7 minutes.. Just install it on your PC and follow the following Steps.

[Note- After downloading the file unzip it.. Unrar the keygen.. open the remo recover.. Read the how to crack text file to get the full version]

Steps to recover your deleted files:

1-Open the downloaded file and click next

2-Finish your installation

3-Open Remo recover.. It would look somewhat like this..

4-Now suppose you want to recover an image file like I'm going to show you in the below example

[Note-So I'm gonna delete the first image file using shift+delete and try to recover it]

So as you can see the file will be deleted permanently

5- Now Click on the recover files in remo recover

6-Select the place from where the file was deleted and click on next 

7-Select the destination folder.. Now try to select a different drive for recovery so that the folder from where the file has got deleted doesnt get over written in which case it would be difficult to recover it.. For example I deleted my file from Drive D: and I'm gonna recover it in my Desktop so basically its drive C:\users\username\desktop

8-And that's it.. your file will be fully recovered 

Like you can see i used this to recover an image file but you can basically recover any type of files you've deleted accidently or you want it back anyways.. So it is a very useful software especially for recovering data from a corrupted pen drive also or from a hard disk, micro sd card or your HD camera sd card.

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