How to install activated Windows 10 using USB?

One of the most efficient ways for installing Windows is by using an USB drive, flash drive or a pen drive.

We usually do not have dvd's available with us all the time.. So, why not just have  a copy of the dvd on your PC as use a flash drive to install your windows instead of searching for a new dvd or even purchasing another one.

So, here I'm going to show you how you can install the latest version of windows that is Windows 10 using your Pen Drive, USB drive or flash drive.

So, What you would need is an ISO image of the Windows version you want to install.
For Windows 10 you can go for WIndows  10 numix which is easily available on the internet and is around 3-5-4 gb in size.

Secondly, you would need another software which is called rufus.. Rufus is basically a tool which will create a auto bootable USB for the installation of the windows.

You can download Rufus from HERE.

Windows 10 ISO TH2 NUMIX 32 bit- x86- DOWNLOAD HERE

Windows 10 ISO TH2 NUMIX 64 bit- x64- DOWNLOAD HERE 


1-Get a Pen Drive or a USB Drive (Make sure it is atleast of 8 gb and above)
2-Open rufus (Download link above)

3-Rufus will automatically detect your USB Drive.

4-Click on the disk image and locate the ISO that you just downloaded.

5-Now rufus is ready to process the pen drive.

6-Click on Start to start the process.

7-A warning will pop up reminding you that the contents of the pen drive will be permanently deleted as the usb drive will be formatted. Click on Yes.
(Note:Make sure you back up the USB Drive or its contents in case you got something important in there as you wont be able to get the data back)

8-Wait for a while till the drive is ready. You will get a notification that your bootable drive is ready for use.

9-Now just restart your PC, and an option will pop up to Press any key to boot from USB.. You just need to follow the basic installation steps to install the copy of windows 10 on your PC.

10-Within a few minutes your brand new Windows 10 numix will be ready. 

Common Problems

GPT and MBR disks.. We often get an error message that says Windows cannot be installed on this disk..The selected disk has an MBR partition table.. On EFI systems Windows can only be installed in GPT disks.

In my next article i will resolve this issue for those who are facing a GPT/MBR disk issues as it can be very tricky at times but has a simple fix.

Also I will list an article on how to activate a Windows that you installed permanently on your system so stay tuned.

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