GPT/MBR disk Error fix.. Windows installation?

As I already discussed how you can download and install a fresh copy of the most latest operating system Windows 10 on your PC using your USB/Flash drive.. Now during the installation I've seen people get a few common problems.

One of the most common problem is GPT/MBR Disk error.

So here in this article I'm going to show you how you can solve the GPT/MBR disk error while installing a fresh copy of Windows.

Error Messgae: Windows cannot be installed on this disk..The selected disk has an MBR partition table.. On EFI systems Windows can only be installed in GPT disks.

Solution:You just need to restart your PC. Press F2 to go to the BIOS menu.. Now from here you need to go to the Boot Menu in BIOS.
Check for the option UEFI Boot.. In case if you're getting a MBR/GPT Error this UEFI boot would be in the Enabled state. 
Just change the state of the UEFI boot to disabled while the Legacy boot remains Enabled.
Now in the order of the drive priority put the USB drive in the first place and press Esc.
It will ask you a confirmation on if you want to save the changes made.. Press Y and the BIOS will exit.

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Now your PC will restart and you would be asked to press any key to boot from USB.. Enter the USB mode and boot your Windows by following the required step.. You will no longer see the GPT/MBR disk error as it has already been taken care of.

This error basically happens due to the size of the disk being less than 1TB.

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