How to use your Smartphone as a Webcam?

How to use your mobile phone as a webcam?

When we talk about utility tools.. webcam is one of the most widely used or recommended device for connecting to the world.
Who doesn't like a Video Chat? We all do right.. We like to talk to our loved ones through a video call rather than a normal audio call.. Apart from this the for the people who work, for them the webcam has become one of the most important devices..

In order to find an alternative people try to solve that issue by utilizing the video call feature in our smartphones.. Well that is good enough but again there are a lot of problem which can just ruin you experience on a video call through a smartphone compared to a  PC/Laptop right? Some of the most common discomforts would be the front camera quality.. voice quality, holding the phone for long durations, using earphones  call drops, frame drops etc.. These shortcomings wont be an issue when you can use a still webcam instead of  your smartphones front camera.. also this would certainly provide a better camera quality as this is going to use the back camera of the smartphone. Especially for long conversations you wont really need to buy a new webcam or in case of an emergency meeting with a client maybe or a business related query, or calling your loved ones any time any place.. you wont really carry your webcam everywhere right?

So, I'm going to show you a simple trick on how you can use your smartphone as a webcam.

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Steps for using your smartphone as a webcam:

1-First you need to download a software named droidcam on your smartphone.
[You can either download it from the play store or you can just click on here and download the apk file on your device]
2-Once the apk file is installed in your device and ready just make sure you have got your device connected to a stable internet connection and open the application.
3-You would see a browser IP Cam Address provided.. Just enter that address(http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:XXXX/)  into  address bar of your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) and click enter.
4-A new screen will open up where you can see your smartphone's back camera working as a webcam.. you can adjust the resolution/capture image etc on the same screen according to your need.
5-You can also download the DroidCam Client on your PC/Laptop from here
6.-Once the file is downloaded you just need to unzip it.
7-After Unzipping the file let the Droidcam Client install on your PC/Laptop.
8-Once the installation is done just open the Client.. and you would see that the port no. is already provided you just need to enter the droidcam IP address in the given area.
9-And that's it, By using the Client you wont have to open the Browser everytime.. Just open the Client Software and connect it.. However you can use it eitherway.

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