How to spy a smartphone using your smartphone?

Can you access a smartphone from another smartphone? Can you access the details of another smartphone without the other person having a clue about it?

Well Yes you can.. So today I'm going to show you a short tutorial on how you can spy on someone's call logs/Text Messages/Location information.. even whatsapp logs using your own smartphone or desktop.

As as the term suggests the other user wont have a clue about any of this. Well as we know people want to surprise friends and family by trying to ace them with knowing something that they shouldn't.. So this app is just the perfect tool for you.

For this you will need a third party software known as The Truth Spy!

Steps to set up the Spy:

1-First you need to access the smartphone you want to spy.
2-Next, you need to install The Truth Spy app  <----- from here.
[Note- If you cannot download it from here just go to google from your smartphone browser and search for thetruthspy and download it from there]
3-Turn on the "Install apps from unknown sources" in the phone settings.
4- Install the Truth Spy app[Accept the terms].

5-Open the app. Now you will get two options.. Login or Register an account

6-Now if you're using the app for the first time you will have to register an account.. Click on the second option and enter your email address and password and confirm your password.

7- Activate the device Administrator and now you will be get the configuration screen next.

8-Click on the Configuration option.

9-Here you will get an option to hide the Truth Spy icon so that the owner of the device never knows that they are being Spied/Followed.

10-Tap on the Hide Icon The TruthSpy and you will get the following screen.

11-Restart the device and you will see that the Icon for TheTruthSpy app is no longer visible on the screen.

12-To enable the app or access the app or uninstalling the application, you will need to go to your Phone Dialer and type #2013* and dial it. You will be redirected to the application.[Now you are done setting up the app.. you just need to go to the your own device/PC etc to spy on the device which you just set up whenever you want to.]

Steps to spy on the Smartphone you just set up:

1-Just go to google.
2-Search for The Truth Spy.
3-Go to its login page. <------------

4-Enter the Email address and the password you set up.
5-Now you will be redirected to the homepage of the truth Spy where you can see the call Logs/Text Messages/Location/Duration of calls etc on the left.
6-You can also see certain applications like whatsapp etc in the right.
7-Certain applications can also be spied by paying a certain subscription amount.. although it wouldn't be necessary since the basic needs are already covered for free!

This is just for fun.. In case you want to access your mobile from PC and access your mobile from another mobile I will be posting the tutorials soon.

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