How to use wifi on your PC? (Broadband to Wifi)

Let's talk about how you can run wifi on your PC.

Well in case you do not have a external wlan or wireless card installed you cannot run wifi in your PC.

As you already know that Laptop's and mobile devices do come with this feature and most of the latest PC's have an inbuild wifi card installed.

But what if you have an old PC and you do not want to change it just for that small little thing.

Or, Let's say your Laptop's Wifi feature isnt working.. So should you buy a new Laptop or just a small device?

So Yes you can indeed run wifi in your system or you can turn your broadband into a personal small hotspot and connect your devices to it like your android mobile phones, tablets or even Smart Televisions.

So this is a very important thing especially in the current era when everything is supposed to be wireless.

So, I'm gonna show you exactly how you can achieve this.


Well, First of all you're gonna need a small device which is called an USB wifi.

Note-The things you would want to note in this is the range that the device provides.. that is whether it can cover a relatively large area or not else you have to reconfigure your devices into a smaller area. Second Thing you would want to note is is the device a wifi catcher or a wifi catcher plus a hotspot generator.

Well after enough research i can provide you with my recommendation is to use a TP Link USB Wifi adapter..

Pros of this:

1-Good range
3-Excellent Service (Been using it myself for the past 3 years)

So you can buy it from here:

For United States Viewers- Buy Here
For Indian Viewers- Buy Here

Now this is a basic Wireless USB adapter.

You will get a Software Installation Disk along with it.


Steps to run the two modes in the adapter.

1- The First step is to install the Software from the Software Installation Disk.
2-Now you would need to plug in your TP Link Wireless USB adapter into your Computer's USB Port.
3-The Installation program will detect the adapter and the installation will continue till it is finished.
4-Now as soon as the software is installed you will get the following screen

5-Next, If you are looking to run wifi in your system Go to the Network tab on the right, you will get the following screen

6-Now Just Select the Network you want to connect to and Enter the Pin and it will get connected.
NOTE-If your preferred network does not show up you can do a small rescan at the bottom of the screen.
7-Now In case you want to turn your Broadband into a mini hotspot then you need to go to the advance tab on the extreme right. Again, the following screen will show up

8- Now in the bottom just turn on the SoftAP mode and configure it accordingly and connect your wifi/portable devices to your broadband.

Now, through this device you can convert your broadband into Wifi in a much economical way instead of replacing your systems or purchasing an expensive wireless router.

Ofcourse you can do it either way but why not go with the Sensible Way. :-)

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