How to download You Tube Videos without any software?

So Lets talk about the most Popular Video Streaming Website You Tube!

And perhaps one of the most visited websites as well.

We all love You Tube and some of the videos we like them so much that we wish we can download them just there.

Many of us have tried some of the most popular third party softwares to download these videos namely Internet Download Manager or The You Tube Downloader.

However what if I told you that you do not need any of these third party softwares to download you tube videos?

Well it is true, You can download any you tube video directly without installing any of the third party softwares.

Also another problem associated with using third party softwares is that you would need to register them or crack them in order to get a full access.. So instead of spending hours on the internet finding a working full version of any downloader why not just save yourself the time and just follow this simple trick.


Steps For downloading an You Tube Video Directly:

Just follow these steps in order to download any you tube video without using any software.

1- Open You tube (www. youtube . com)
2-Search for your favorite Video.
3-Open your favorite Video.
4-Now when the video starts streaming just go to your address bar.
5-You will find the address
6-Edit the address
7-Erase the "youtube" part and replace it with "savemedia"
8-So your new address would look like
9-Press Enter.
10-You will be redirected to a new page that is Savemedia
11-Here you can adjust the quality you need to download according to your convenience and you can also select the format.
12-In case you want to download just the audio you have the option to do that too.
13-Just download the Video/Audio accordingly and you're done.

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