How to use multiple accounts in clash of clans?

So let's talk about one of the most popular  mobile games which is the clash of clans.

Now as far the the game is the most played game on android devices.. not only that it is far more addictive.

But the thing is its a never ending game basically[unless you gem them ;-)] or basically if you're playing forever.

So there is a point where people get bored and have nothing to do with the game apart from the most boring task in the game ever that is upgrading walls :-)

[especially high level players like th9+]

If you think you're done with it guess what you are not.. You got to upgrade the heros as well.. so yes would take ages 

Many of the players use a rather simple approach i.e rushing their townhalls[basically not maxing out all their defenses and troops which is not the way to go if you want to do well in clan wars]

Beating opponents need max troops for attacks and max defenses for defense.. and ofcourse max heros always help.

So what do you do in case you are bored?

Quit the game? [Don't think coc players can go for this option but it is available]

Rush Townhall? [Not advisable if you want to do well in war and contribute to your clan]

So what do you do?

Well you can start a new account indeed and start over again

Well many players when they start the game don't know much about the game and they rush initially but later they've to wait at a specific town hall for a long time

So now the advantage is you know the drill.. how to start over and progress in the game

[I've seen a few players who have started over and their second account catches up with the first still being stuck at that specific town hall]

Now how do you do it?

Irrespective of whether you have an android device or a iphone, I will show you how you can run multiple accounts in coc.

Well first of all you're going to need android for running multiple accounts.. So for those who got an android mobile you can start off right there.. for those who have an iphone you would need an android emulator in your PC/Laptop

Android- Now for those of you who do not know this.. Since clash of clans is an online game[you need to have access over internet to play the game], so it is directly synced with your google account, when you start the game and you sign in with your google+ account all the progress and the data are automatically synced everytime you play the game, so there is no chance that you will lose your progress or your base would be gone if it gets deleted.. if you sign in to clash of clans on any device using your google account, your game will resume from where you left

Also you can click on settings on the bottom left of your screen, there you would see connected/disconnected tab named google play sign in.

So in order to add another account to your coc and start over you just need to go to the settings tab in your game and click on the google play sign in.. disconnect your current account and add account.. Now just add another google account to your google play and sign in

Now as soon as you sign in you will get a warning message stating that ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THE CURRENT VILLAGE AND REPLACE IT WITH the new one?

You Just have to type the word "CONFIRM" and press okay and the game will restart with your new village.

NOTE:your progress on the main account would be absolutely safe in your google account and to get that back all you have to do is go to settings and select your other account and you will be back to your main village/base.

Now for iphone users its a bit tricky as it uses game centre.. So what you need to do is download any android emulator on your PC/Laptop and sign in with your google account.. go to google play store and download clash of clans or you can download it from HERE

Now to learn how to use bluestacks/Nox emulator for PC/Laptop.. you can go to the run android on PC 

You can add as many accounts you want and enjoy clash of clans :-)

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Thank You :-)

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  1. I have always wondered if I can build second village on the same phone and you have just made it easier for me to set up my second profile for coc. Thanks alot. Good work

  2. Thanks for the reply.. I'm glad it helped.. Keep reading our blog and subscribe to our posts :-)


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