How to take a screenshot of the login screen?

So you know how to set a custom background for your windows.. Now the question is how can you screenshot it?

Why do you need to screenshot it? In case if you just want to show off your custom windows login screen so what do you do? take out your camera and take a picture?

Well ofcourse you can do that but as you know taking a picture off screen wont make an impact as an actual screenshot right?

So can you screenshot the welcome screen or the login screen.. Well yes you can.

In case if you wanna learn how you can set a custom background for your windows.. you can learn it from HERE

You can set any image as your custom background according to your liking.. be your your family picture, your own picture or just random stuff

Sounds exciting right?

Now how do you screenshot it and show it off is pretty simple.. you just need to hijack the ease of access button on your login screen.

[This isn't a complex procedure once again.. you just need to replace a file with another one.. so its completely safe and is part of your windows features which is well hidden ]

What is the ease of Access button?

Well the ease of access button is located in the bottom left corner of your welcome screen.

Now how do you do that?

Just follow the following procedure:

1-Go to your windows system directory and find the file utilman.exe


2-Now you need to take ownership of this file.

How to take ownership?

right click on the file go to properties, click on the security tab.

go to the advanced tab from there in the bottom right

click on change permissions on the bottom left

and add your user name to it and close it.

Now come back to the security tab

go to the edit option in the mid right

select your user name and click on full control and save and exit

3-Now you've taken ownership of the file.. right click on it and rename it to utilman2.exe

4- Now you need login screen capture utility which you can download it from HERE

5-After the file is downloaded , just unrar it and go to the folder, And copy the utilman.exe to your system 32 folder at C:\Windows|System32

6-Now its all done.. All you need to do is go to your login screen and click on the ease of access button.. you will get a custom window where you will get option to capture and save it at your desired destination. 

Now you can change your login screen background numerous times and showcase your awesome login screen with your friends and family :-)

Another procedure you can use to do this is by using command prompt and psexec file.. but this process would be the simplest.. 

The third procedure for doing this is by using Virtual machine.. To learn more about virtual machine you can visit the Virtual Machine Tutorial page

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Thank You :-)

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