How to run a virtual machine in your PC? Windows xp in Windows 7

Ever wondered if you can run another windows in windows?

Well, There are certain software's ,games etc back in the day which only run on windows XP, or windows 98 even, Windows NT, Windows 2000 etc..

Not only this, there are certain games and software's which you cannot run on your current windows version be it windows 7 and or windows 8,8.1 or windows 10.

So do you have to format your PC and reboot with an older version of windows just to run one software or a program and lose valuable stuff?

Not really, You can actually run a windows in windows, you can run windows 98 in your windows 7 (Yes, that is absolutely right).

There are certain software's which makes this possible and it is known as a Virtual machine.

So here I will show you a tutorial on how you can run a virtual machine..

I'm gonna use Vmware software for this which you can download from HERE 

The file will be downloaded known as Vmware player

Now, just follow these steps :

1-Once you've downloaded the Vmware player install it from your downloads folder.

2-Now once the installation is done open your VMware player workstation
[You can skip any update information if it pops up or update it]

3-Now click on the "Create  a New Virtual machine" option and a window will pop up

4-Now here you would need an iso[image file] or a CD/DVD of the windows version you want to install.. for example if you want a windows 98 SE.. you can download the iso from HERE.

5-After downloading the Iso, or inserting the CD/DVD in your DVD drive, browse and redirect it to the file(iso) location click on Next

6-Now name your virtual machine.. like since the iso i have is of Windows 98 Second Edition so i would name it Windows 98SE.. you can give it any name you want to.. Also you can change the location to where you want your virtual machine.. or you can just leave it as it is and click Next.

7- Now you will come to a specify disk capacity window.. So whats notable is the recommended size for a windows in 1gb but you can raise that.. the default option will give you 8 gb of space.. Again you don not want to set it too high because if you do your actual machine will run very slowly as the virtual machine would take a lot of space. So i would recommend you to keep it anywhere around 1gb to 8 gb.. let just keep it to 8 gb here and i'm just gonna store the virtual disk as a single file.. click Next.

8-Now, when you click next you will get another finalizing window which will have the option to customize the hardware... you can customize the hardware in your virtual machine accordingly or just leave it as it is and click Finish.

9-Your VMware player will restart and an option will pop up to download and install the application which you can click on remind me later.

10-From the boot from menu select the option boot from CD/DVD [Enter option 1 or 2.. If you click on the VMware your mouse will run on the virtual machine which you can come out to your original machine by pressing Ctrl+Alt.]
[If you missed the boot menu just go to player on the top left corner drop down and go to power and click on restart machine]

11-Now you just need to install the windows by following the options on the screen like a regular windows install.. product key is provided above in setp 4.. I will provide you with some screenshots and a tutorial video

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