How to run android in your PC/Laptop?

For those wondering how you can run android on your PC.. Its a very easy process.

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Now you can need an android device for a lot of purposes.. like if you want to play certain games like clash of clans or Temple Run on your PC, or even if you want another whatsapp, hike account on your PC.. Even for the iphone users who want to run android they can just run android on their PC.

Apart from this there are a lot of other activities that you can do on your android device.. that is if your phone's camera is not still you want to do some video chat ora video call.. you can just do it from your PC web camera or your Laptop camera.

Advantages of this is you would have a high resolution video call and certainly a better connection using your broadband probably.

So now the question is .. How can you run android on your PC.. 

Well there are several software's or rather i would say emulators available  such as bluestacks app player, nox app player etc..

So I'm gonna show you  both the above apps in this section..

Lets start with the most popular app to run android on windows.. Bluestacks

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So you can download bluestacks from HERE

Now just follow the following steps.

1-Once the download is finished.. Just install bluestacks

2-Let the installation complete
3-Open bluestacks

4-This will look somewhat like the above.
5-Now just go the the play store and just sign in with your google account and you're done.. You can install any apps on it from the play store and run them 
[Note-To uninstall any application.. just long press it and you will get a cross button.. just click it and your app would be uninstalled]
[Also you can go to settings on the top right corner and make any necessary changes to bluestacks and manage applications]
[Note-You would need to sign in to the play store in android to download any application using your google account]

Now the second application you can use if you do not want bluestacks or you're facing any probles of lagging in bluestacks you can use Nox app player.

You can download Nox app player from HERE

Just install it from your downloads.

Now your app player will look somewhat like this

Now just follow the following steps.

1-Open you Nox app player
2-Go to your google play store
3-Sign in with your google account
4-And then you can download and install any application you wish to run on your PC
[Note-You would need to sign in to the play store in android to download any application using your google account]
[Note-To uninstall any application just long press the apps and click on the cross button]
[You can also switch to mobile view and tablet view from the settings menu in the top right corner]

For more tutorial on How to install and run app.. and functions of Nox player you can refer HERE

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