How to move your apps to your sd card in android?

Format as internal or Format as Portable?

So for all the android users who are facing a problem with low memory on their device frequently and have to delete their apps just to free up some storage.. heres the tutorial on how to do it.

Now recently android has it's updated version i.e. android 6 marshmallow.. As you've already noticed there is a significant change in this version that is all the android application needs certain permission which you need to allow or deny in order for that application to work..

Now many of the users usually have a problem that they cannot move their apps to the sd card to free up space.. especially large applications which consumes a lot of data such as facebook, whatsapp etc.

Since your default storage is the internal memory so you all the data goes in there which eventually leads your sd card free but of no use.. Now in the earlier versions of the android we were able to move the apps from internal to sd card just by going to settings>installed applications and move them from there or you could also use some application which helps you do it automatically.

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So the question is can you not move your apps to sd card on your phone?

Or, do you need to root your phone to link your apps to your sd card?

Well the answer is No, you can indeed move your apps to your sd card.

For those people who don't know what a root is  you can read it HERE

In short root is basically granting you access to the control system of your device to make certain changes in it.. Pro is you can solve your problem.. Con is however you lose your device warranty and anything can go wrong which can corrupt your device..

So the first method is basically moving your apps to your sd card by rooting your android device using kingoroot or iroot applications  and installing an app called link2sd which you can download it from HERE

So you can follow this step and just install the link2sd and run it and it will do the rest..

Now the alternative and more efficient way of doing this is by following the following steps

1-Open your android device
2-Connect your device to your PC and make sure you back up your sd card
[It is very important to back up your sd card in this case because when you will follow this process it will require you to format your sd card.. So it will first format youit memory stick or your sd card and then only it would link with your internal memory.. So do not forget to back up your memory card data first if you have any important stuff in there.. For that you can just use a card reader and copy the contents of the card to a folder in your PC/Laptop or you can simply connect your phone to your PC/Laptop and copy your entire memory card to a folder]
3-Now Go to your settings
4-Click on storage and usb
5-Here you can see two storages one is your internal storage and the second is your sd card
6-Click on the sd card
7-Here go to the options[find the three vertical dots on the screen]
8-There you will find a option that says Format as internal click on that
9-Now it will start formatting your sd card[remember to back up].
10-Once done your notifications will show new sd card found.
11-Click on that and it will ask you whether you want to migrate your data to internal.. click on yes.
12- it will take a few seconds and its done

[Note: If you do not get the new sd card found notification just go to settings>storage and USB again and click on the three dots and click on migrate data]

13-Now your phone memory is linked to the sd card and you can transfer all your files back to your sd card from your PC/laptop back up folder

and that is it.. you would have unlimited space in your device.

[Note:this process is basically only on android 6]

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