How to generate unlimited bar codes for Reliance Jio Sim if your coupon is redeemed?

Does your My Jio app shows that your coupon is Redeemed?

Do you want another Jio sim but you cannot get it due to your coupon already used.

Do not worry as today I'm gonna show you how you can generate unlimited number of My Jio coupon bar codes by which you can get a new jio sim from your nearest Jio retailer.

You need to download Nox player first which is basically just an android emulator like bluestacks

You can download it from HERE.

usually you will have your bar code redeemed and  it will be something like this

Now just follow the following steps:

1- After installing the Nox player from HERE... install the Nox player.
(Go to your downloads and find the nox file)
[Follow the installation process.. click next and let the installation finish]

2- Once you're done with the installation just open the Nox App player.

3- It will take some time to initialize once done you will see the Nox App player in front of your screen
[You can see the basic app player appear as soon as you open the app]

4-Go to the General App Settings and turn on the Root Option and click save.

[Go to the app settings on the top right corner and under the general tab click on the drop down option near root and switch it "on" and click on save changes.. This will ask you to restart the nox player.. click on restart now]

5-Next behind the General settings click on the Advance tab and switch the Start Up setting to Mobile and click save.

[Note:You can also skip this step if you want.. However if you proceed with the mobile view just click on Mobile and click on save changes and restart]

6-The Nox Player will now restart in a mobile mode now instead of a tab mode.(Just to make it slightly more convenient)

7-Now this is just a basic android device which you've been working on your mobile too.
8-Now sign in with your google account to the play store app in the home screen to download apps
9-From the play store, search and download My Jio app or you can download it HERE

10-Now go the the app settings again and in the properties tab enter the following IMEI No. 353004078844806(Just change the last 7 digits of this number to any random number) and click save.

11-Now open the My Jio app and there you can enter you state and your city and generate a new bar code.

12-Just change the IMEI number for more bar codes.

[Note:For more bar codes Just repeat the step #10..Go to the settings of nox player, then switch to the properties tab and just change the last 7 digits of the IMEi number to a random number.. Come back to the home screen and clear the recent apps for the option right below the home option and restart My Jio app.. Also you can directly screenshot the bar code generated from the 3rd option in the right side bar that shows a scissor icon. Alternatively you can also press Ctrl+Z... Screen shots would be saved in Username>Nox Share>Images folder]

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