How to format a pen drive?

Well, the very basic steps for formatting a pen-drive is as follows, I would provide you with the images and a short tutorial too.

Remember to back up/copy your data from your pen-drive in case if you have something important in there.

This is just a basic format.. For a corrupted pen drive  refer HERE..


1- Insert your Pen-drive into your USB Drive

(image credits- Google)

2-Once you insert your pen-drive into an USB slot, it will custom install a software for it automatically, and open the  auto play menu 

3- Now what you need to do is close the auto-play window if you want to format the pen-drive, or you can click on view files in case you want to back up the files in the pen-drive. 
Next Open My Computer from Start>Computer

4-Now as you can see, you pen-drive would be listed  under the devices with removable storage tab. (As in this case it is the windows 7 Ultimate which is the name of the drive)

5-Now, right click on the drive and there will a drop down menu with various other options.

6- Click on the format option right above Eject.

7-A new window will open listing what type of format do you want.The will be few tabs like capacity will show you the capacity or the memory of the pen-drive,File system will show which type of format do you want i.e. Fat32 or NTFS(FAT32 has lower limits while NTFS has higher limits so would recommend you to with NTFS),Next will be the allocation.. just leave it..Then there is volume label where you can rename the pen-drive, check on the quick format and click start.

8-Now when you click on start there will be warning message indicating that all of the data on the pen-drive will be lost.. Click on Ok (considering you have backed up your important data).

9-Once the format is complete you will get a message. Click Ok and close the the format tab and its done.

10-You can check this by right clicking the pen-drive icon and clicking on properties.

  • You can also use FAT32 instead of NTFS and reallocate the space if needed according to your requirements. 
  • Also you can uncheck the box that says quick format and it would still follow the same steps and would just take a bit longer for a normal format to complete compared to a quick format.

Once the above steps are done your pen-drive will be ready. 

Also like I already mentioned above, if it is a case of  corrupted or an unresponsive pen-drive then there maybe some troubles formatting it with these steps.. For that there are some different steps altogether which i will share on my next post and in that case you would need a data recovery software to backup the data before starting the format process.

This is just a basic formatting a pen-drive tutorial for beginners.. hope you guys can get some help from it..

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