How to format a corrupted pen drive?

You can recover your data from a corrupted pen drive too which you can find HERE

However if you do not want to recover the data and just want to format the pen drive here is how you can do it:

1-To begin with, first you need to plug in your pen drive to a USB port.. You can see it will be shown    in  your Computer section however you may not have access to it due to it being corrupted with a        virus. At some cases you wont even be able to see the drive in your Computer. In that case.. do not      worry.. Just click on Start>Computer or simply double- click on Computer icon in your desktop.        See if you can see the drive 

2-Now you need to open the Command prompt as administrator.. For this you just need to click on Start>(type "cmd" in the search box) right click on the cmd and click on Run as administrator.

Alternatively you can go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt.. right click on it and run as administrator. A check box will open click on yes.

3-When the Command Prompt opens.. it will be like C:\Windows\System32.. if it is not like this then the command prompt isn't haven't opened with administrator privileges. so just repeat the steps 1 and 2. Then just type DISKPART and press Enter 

4-Next type LIST DISK and press Enter. Now you can see all the hard disks listed here.. Find your pen drive by referring to the Capacity..(For example an 8 gb pen drive would have a capacity of around 7700MB)

If you cannot identify your pen drive.. remove the other pen-drives or external hard disks. For example after removing your hard disk type LIST DISK again and the no. of drives would be reduced.

5-Now select your disk by typing DISKPART>SELECT DISK # (For example if my pen drive is on disk #1 then I will write SELECT DISK 1) and press Enter

6-Now you can also check the details of the disk if you want to know whether your disk is write protected or not 
Type DETAIL DISK and press Enter
You can your disk details including the name,location etc.
See if the Read Only  option says yes then your disk is Write protected, if it says No then your disk is fine.
In case your disk is write protected there will be a button on your device to turn that feature off so you can do that.

7-Now type CLEAN and Press ENTER.

9-Now type FORMAT FS=NTFS or FORMAT FS=FAT32 (Depending on the Format type you want is NTFS or FAT 32. As alread mentioned in my previous post FAT 32 has limited space while NTFS is mostly recommended. Even in the case of creating a bootable Pen drive you would need NTFS)

10-You will have to wait for a few minutes for the format process to be over.. You would be able to see the percentage of progress done right below. Once it is done 100% your pen drive is ready to use. 

Also remember when you want to detach the pen drive from the USB port kindly use the saftely remover hardware feature on the bottom of your taskbar and press stop process..
Alternatively you can also go to Start>Computer or Computer from your desktop and find the pen drive and right click on it and press Eject before removing your pendrive. You would get a pop up notifying you that Now it is safe to remove your drive.

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