How to create an invisible folder?

How to create an invisible folder?

Invisible here means basically no one except you would  know that it exists.

Well everyone loves privacy in some or the other form.. We all have some important files or folder be it business related, important documents, cash payout slips, bank information you want to remember, account details, personal data that you want to keep private and at the same time access it anytime you want to.

So what do you do? You can either try a folder lock or you can opt for an Invisible folder.

Now you would ask how is possible that no one would be able to see a folder right?

Well without using any third party softwares you can achieve this.. SO in other words windows itself provides you with this feature.

Now let me tell you that this is not an hidden folder like we can hide a folder and switch off the show all hidden files and folders and the folder is gone..

That is not a very effective way as your stuff can be easily accessed by the click of just a button.

In this case the folder will be right there but no one would be able to see it including you but you will already know about its whereabouts.

So in the above two cases obviously if you keep a folder hidden buried under a lot of folder its security increase but sometimes even you can get confused where your files are right? (happened with me)

So why not try a more simpler hide like an invisible folder where you can keep a folder at your favorite place an no one can see it (even on your desktop)

Now just follow these steps for creating an invisible folder.

Steps for creating an invisible folder

  • Go to the folder where you want to create an invisible folder.. For example I'm going to use my desktop.. Right click on the desktop and click on New>folder.

  • Now Lets keep the name to a New Folder for now so just press Enter

  • Now right click on the New folder you created and go to properties.

  • Click on the properties and a new window will pop up
  • On the rightmost tab you would see customize
  • Go to the customize tab

  • In the customize tab you would find an option change icon, click on change icon and another window will pop up with a few unique icons.

  • Now find a blank space in between the icons and click on it.

  • After selecting the blank space, click on ok.
  • Click on ok again and you would see a blank icon with the name New Folder.

Steps for removing the Name

  • Now right click on the new folder with the blank icon and click on rename.

  • In the text part instead of entering any name just press ALT+255 and the name will be erased

  • Press Enter
  • Your invisible folder is ready.

  • Click anywhere outside the folder and it will be invisible(however you know where it is)

  • In case you cannot find it just press Ctrl+A and you would see it.
So this is the basic procedure of maintaining privacy for your files and documents.. Also coming up are folder lock tutorial

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