How to access your mobile from your PC/Laptop?

So here I'm gonna show you how you can manage your mobile phone from your PC/Laptop without using any cables

So basically we are going to use a web server which would act as a local host between your PC and you mobile

Now the obvious question is why you need this? Well we do travel a lot right.. so there are many instances where you forget your USB cable and certainly you get a PC and you have to download an important file and transfer it to your mobile..

Another instance would be you need to work for your business while travelling and you do not have the software in the PC you're using.. So you can just keep it in your mobile and use this process to transfer it to the PC and then you can just install it anywhere.. Why wait for a cable? or why would you bother borrowing :-)

So basically you can transfer files and manage your mobile from anywhere and anyplace without carrying your usb cable

Apart from this you can access your SMS using this and reply to them too.. Imagine using the mobile keypad for a long conversation? Better to use your keyboard right? 

Well for those who think the same, here your solution 

For this there are certain applications available in android play store..

I would discuss two of the most popular applications that is airdroid and PushBullet

Lets begin with air droid.

You can download the airdroid app from HERE

Once the app is downloaded just follow the following Steps:

1-Install the app on your mobile device

2-Open the application
3-Go to the website mentioned i.e and match the QR code by clicking on it
[Note:If you're connected using wifi then you would get a specific ip address and you just need to enter that on your browser and accept the connections]
4-Now your mobile is connected to your airdroid platform.
5-You will have access to all the data on your mobile and you can just copy paste it.
6-In case you want to move your files from the PC to your Mobile just drag the files and drop them on the drop option
7-You can also manage your SMS,Contacts,Remote camera and other features using this 

Now lets come to the second application.. Its called PushBullet

For Pushbullet you will need to add an extension in Chrome.. Just go to chrome setting/Manage Extensions/get more extensions and search for PushBullet and install it on your browser.

Next you need to install Pushbullet app in your mobile too.. SO you can download it from Google Play Store or you can download it from HERE

Now just follow the following steps 

1- Install the Pushbullet app in your device.

2-Now click on the Pushbullet extension in your browser and sign in
3-Sign in with the same account that you used on your device
4-Complete the set up using Done on the bottom right
5- And there you go.. You can push/drop any files from your PC/Mobile where ever you want to :-)

Again you can manage your device,contacts, messages everything using this app

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