How to access blocked urls or websites?

So lets talk about how to use VPN.. or Virtual Proxy.

No what is a VPN? Well basically I'm sure many of us have been into a situation where you want to visit certain websites but you cannot due to certain restrictions..

Be it restrictions by the Government, restrictions by the Internet, or even restriction by your Internet Service Providers or ISP..

Sometimes you may notice that your ISP does not allow you to access certain website while your friend using another ISP can use that site pretty well.. It usually becomes even more worse when its a site dealing with some sort of a software download or a game download perhaps.. it can be really annoying when you cannot access that website, forget about the file.

Even there are sites which contains anonymous downloads like torrents but you cannot download it or access it..

So do you need to change your ISP in order to visit those websites?

Well of course not.. So what do you do just leave the website and try to pretend like it never existed? well i guess that's tough.

So, let us just say this that you can visit any website you want to, thats right any website you want to whether it is blocked or not by using VPN's

Now what is VPN.. VPN are basically Virtual Private Network which gives you an anonymous access to the website by changing your region of  operation to any of the regions you want to.. Suppose lets say you cannot access a website from a server in United States as it is blocked there as per the government.. But let's say you're in United Kingdom, Is it blocked there? No.

So what VPN's can do is change your location to United Kingdom by providing a virtual ip address and regionally match it to their servers.. So now according to your server you're no longer in United States..  Now you're in United Kingdom(atleast your server is) while you're still physically in USA.

So, this is the basic idea of VPN's and by using this you can visit any website you want to.. Just remember if the website is showing blocked it is not available in that specific country/region.. Just keep changing it.. Ideally setting your region to Netherland may be just perfect for you however you can switch it according to your necessity.

Now how can you do this? Well there are a variety of VPN's available in the internet.. However i would recommend you to use Browsec.. it just acts as an extension to your browser and you can just click on the extension and turn it On/Off or even change the region to your desired location.

You can download Browsec VPN extension file for Google Chrome from HERE

Let it install as an addon in your browser and it will appear on your browser in the menu panel.. So just click on it and turn it on and that's it, Now you have access too all the blocked website you want to visit or download a file from.

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