How to set a custom login screen background for windows 7,8,10?

Ever wondered whether you can change the background of your login screen in windows 7,8 or 10?

Well you can set any custom background you want in windows login screen although. So here I'm gonna show you exactly how you can do that..

Now it is very easy in windows 8 and windows 10 where you can just change the background  image to whatever you want to..

But can you do it windows 7.. Yes.. You can change the login screen background in windows 7 without using any kind of third party software.. windows allows you to do it however not many people know this as it is hidden.

So here is the procedure on how you can do it.

1-First you need to go to the registry editor.. Just click on Start> Search for "regedit" and open it.
2-Go to the following value
Hkey local Machine>Software>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Authentication>LogonUI>Background

[Note-This wont effect your system or your operating system in anyway.. its just changing a single value.. In case anything goes wrong it would just show the  default background in your login screen instead of the custom background.. So don't worry]

3-Now right click on the right side and create a new DWORD value and name it "OEMBackground" and set its value to 1.
[Note-If you already have a value named OEMBackground then just double click it and change its value to 1]

4-Now, you need to stop the value from going back to 0 again in case you change the theme so for that you just have to follow this step.. Go to Start>gpedit.msc

[For those who do not want to change their theme or dont usually change their theme they can just go ahead with step no. 6.. However I would recommend you to follow the step as it will always display your custom background irrespective of changing the themes multiple times]

5-Now go to Computer Configuration>Administrative Tools>System>Logon.. Double click it and set it to enabled.

 [Set it to Enabled on the left ]

6-Now its time to set an image. For setting a custom image you need to go to the directory.. C:\Windows\System 32\oobe folder

7-Double click on the oobe folder and there you need to create a new folder  and name it to "info"

8-Now double click on the info folder to open it and create another new sub folder and name it to "backgrounds"

9-Now move your desired background image to this folder and rename the image to "backgroundDefault.jpg"

[Note- Make sure your image is less than 256Kb in size.. you can use any image resizer to resize your favorite image]

10-That's it.. Just press the Win+L key to navigate to your lock screen and you can see your new customized lock screen.

This is the basic process for changing the custom background for windows 7.. for Windows 8 and 10 i will post it later

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